Sunday, February 26, 2006

new furby

Furby arrived via mail Saturday.
It is a first generation furb (I think) It looks like the ones in most of the hacking websites.
There is a section on hacking the furby in home hacking projects for geeks.
It is smaller than the one Angela got for christmas. One of the ear sticks is broken.
It still has the tag.
It cost $1.99 on ebay, $3 for shipping.
It speaks a different version of ferbish than the christmas one.
The small one does not respond to voice or touch as easily as the larger one.
Photos have been taken, but are still on the camera. It might make a good companion for the guinea pigs. They will not be able to talk back to it, but might like to listen.
There is an IR port on the forehead, but none of the clickers in the house seem to have any effect on it.


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