Sunday, February 26, 2006

ir port testing

Tonight is a basic test to see if the downloaded program furby.exe works.
Some observations:

1st gen
On the first gen, there is an ir port in the third eye location.
Furby.exe works.
Some of the words seem scrambled, kind of circuit bent.
It seems to matter if the caps lock is on when you press the letters.
Here is a link to the application -
Here is a link to the website where I found the app -
If you don't interact with it, it will say "hey, boring" and some other stuff
It burps
It sneezes a lot.
There is no on off switch for the first gen

2nd gen
furby.exe doesn't seem to work
some of the keys might be giving a response. There doesn't seem to be an obvious ir port on this one. Maybe it is behind the eyes.
This one dances better. If not properly set on a base, it will fall over. I have it sitting on the arm of a chair near the laptop.
It does seem more animated around the ir than normal.

they both seem more animated together than alone.


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