Wednesday, March 01, 2006

behavior testing

Angela said that when she took her furby on the school bus in December, some of the other kids were kind of rude to it. She says that "the little ones creep her out". She doesn't want the big one skinned.

Furby seems to have a history of irritating people. Some kids at school told me that they have seen smashed furby bits in the band room, and that somebody bought a whole bunch of them so that he could run them over with a steamroller in Time's Square. Liz doesn't want her daughter getting emotionally attached to electronic devices.

Last night we played with the language stuff on both. Eventually the little one just closed its eyes and shut down. irritated or just out of batteries?
This site had some translation information. We should have printed them out. It would have made it easier.
We tried to find some of the easter eggs listed on this site, but no luck on them.

Here's a fan site that shows almost exclusively the early version:

This site had good photos of the inside of the modern furby, the photo in the post is from this site.